The Colossal Health Myth


How is it possible for a simple, seemingly logical statement, to have the capacity to lead to such potentially detrimental outcomes?

That is the crux of the problem.

This statement, while appearing innocuous, is far from it.

What is this cliche we’ve all said at one time or another?

“Everything in moderation.”

I know.

It just doesn’t seem like an issue… right?

On this episode of Life By Design we delve deeper into this slogan and its possible negative effects.

Here Is What We Covered

  • The way you challenge the basis of a concept is at the edges. At the extremes, the flaws or strength of a statement become more obvious. Cocaine in moderation?
  • Let’s assume this statement slips into your belief system without detection… what potential actions would follow? We discuss some examples.
  • This would be a much better way to tackle the problems our “slogan” is trying to solve. A way that leads to taking more responsibility instead of passing it off and succumbing to the ill effects that’ll follow.

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— Jamie

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