Ep. 64 – Meet The Coaches: Danielle & Austin

Austin & Danielle Bettigrew are celebrating their 1-year Anniversary at CFPB, but it feels like they’ve been a part of our CFPB family for years. They’ve each had a huge impact on our CFPB members, helping create astonishing transformations and personal records. In addition to coaching classes, Danielle is a nutrition coach and Austin does personal programming and coaching for members 1-on-1. Their passion for helping others shines through in everything they do. In our episode today, we talk about what came first, their love for CrossFit or their love for each other. We also talk about their journey from once upon a time CrossFit gym owners in Illinois, and deciding to move to Florida to join the CFPB fam. Enjoy Episode 64 – Meet the Bettigrews.