Ep. 63 – How To Eat Around Your Workouts

In Episode 63, “How To Eat Around Your Workouts”, we look at the best (and worst foods) you can eat pre-WOD and post-WOD. Let’s first say that nutrient timing is somewhat of an advanced skill that should come after you’ve dialed in the quality of the foods you’re eating. Also eating balanced meals in the right quantities and macronutrient ratios. Only then will timing those macronutrients be beneficial to your performance in your workouts and the results you achieve. We also want you to approach this from a goal to improve performance, soreness and recovery from workouts, and long term body composition, not short term hacks to burn belly fat.  We get a lot of questions on this topic, especially from our earliest risers at our 5am class and our post-work crew coming in at 7pm. We try to address each approach as best we can and give our best tips. Some topics we cover… Why 24-36 hours before a workout matters as “pre-workout”? How what you eat on rest days affects workouts? Do I have to eat before a 5 or 6am workout? Why does dinner the night before matter? What is the optimal pre or post workout window for gainz? How much carbs, fat, and protein should I have around workouts? What do you guys, the coaches, eat before and after workouts? Should I eat after a workout if I’m not hungry? Is it worth taking an electrolyte supplement for workouts? What are some quick go-to’s that are easy to digest before an intense workout? Why Perfect Bars aren’t great around workouts but Fuel For Fire is Should I use a preworkout supplement or caffeine? Can I eat a full meal after a 7pm workout? Are carbs at night bad? Why CrossFit works best with carbohydrates What types of proteins are best to take?