Don’t Try to Win Today (2:00 Drill #19)

We’re diving back into your questions this episode, covering topics from Wim Hof to why we don’t program high-level gymnastics movements at CFNE to my advice for gyms as we continue to navigate these tough economic conditions.

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02:30 – I’m trying to adapt a more positive mindset in all aspects of life, but how can I be the person in the class who is positive about a workout and not joining in with groans of everyone else when they see certain exercises on the board? I’m one of the fitter in the class and don’t want to come across as over confident or arrogant. I think the groaning is mostly playful conversation, but I want to be more positive, without excluding myself from the group.

05:20 – I recently left my job as a classroom teacher to set up my own business as a private tutor. I know full-well that businesses take time to build, but I’m finding it difficult to hold my nerve. Some days when I don’t hit the targets I need, I feel like I should just go back to the classroom. How do I get over or work through this worry?

15:07 – Have you ever tried the Wim Hof breathing method?

23:00 – What are the benefits of nasal breathing? Do you use it with your athletes?

23:30 – What’s your take on the implementation of high skill gymnastics in a group class. has things like L-pull-ups and strict/kipping muscle ups and others. Where does that fall into the group class model focused on GPP?

25:30 – I’ve heard you guys talk about how Monster and Red Bull are bad. I’ve noticed a lot of CrossFitters drinking Bang Energy drinks, claiming they’re better because of the creatinine and aminos. What’s your take?

27:20 – I’m 48 and in decent shape. I love CrossFit, but have just found that I have grade 4 arthritis in one knee. Deep squats, lunges, box jumps, and anything that I have to get to 90 degrees cause pain, inflammation, and swelling. I’m curious how older athletes or ones with limiting injuries should approach training so we get to be “one of the guys,” but not have to sit in a tub of ice every night?

29:45 – Should there be any differences in training (whether that’s CrossFit or cycling or whatnot) when someone’s in a caloric deficit as opposed to maintenance/caloric surplus?

31:30 – What qualities/characteristics makes someone coachable, and how have you successfully developed coachable athletes?

36:15 – My wife owns a 10 year affiliate and I have a 9-5. As a side gig she created a healthy all-natural post workout treat. We recently had a random person comment on the business Instagram page with negative comments about the product. This person has never tried it and is commenting based on the packaging. Do these negative comments need a response? If so what is the best strategy to address this negativity?

39:45 – I have recently had current smokers join my CrossFit gym. I am psyched to have them, however I was wondering if you have ever trained clients who have been current smokers as they started CrossFit? What considerations did or would you take into account as compared to other new members?

41:00 – Most affiliates haven’t been around for ten plus years so they have never had to operate in a recession, what’s your advice for operating in a down economy when people are looking to cut back on “non-essential” spending?