The Strength of Mind & Body by Gordon Light

The Strength of Body and Mind podcast is an informative and educational podcast dedicated to helping people create the mindset that they need in order to achieve all of their fitness, strength and health goals. It is the belief of the host, Gordon Light, that anyone and everyone is capable of getting the body of their dreams, the level of health they’ve always wanted, or the strength achievements that they’ve desired for years. It is also Gordon’s belief that the obstacle that is stopping everyone is their mindset, but not in the way they are likely thinking about it. This podcast will dive deep into specific things on both the physical, nutrition and training content, but also content around the mindset and mental framework needed to execute on the former. Take a listen, and prepare to have your mind opened up in a way that will help you get the most of your life by first prioritizing health and fitness, starting with perspective and mental strength.